Safety is the most important responsibility we each share at Northern Legendary Construction.  Our purpose is to increase our margins of safety by systematically following our goal of zero incidents without compromise.  We are fully committed to providing the training, time, and equipment to our team to make sure that they are always fully equipped for each task.     Our crew stay up-to-date with a wide range of safety tickets as required by industry.  This is a real benefit  to all involved because a safe site is a successful site.  





The environment is our home and we  are trying to treat our workplace like our homes.  We make extra efforts to reduce reuse and recycle our construction materials however and when ever possible.   From using saw blades that are recycled to reusing  building materials when ever possible.  Each of our team members are looking for ways to save materials and reduce waste.  Collectively it makes a big difference when all of us are doing it together.    As a result you’ll see materials and waste being reduced and handled very efficiently.  From our home to yours, we are committed to keeping it clean and green.