Construction Groaners


I have this great construction joke, but I’m still working on it.
I have to hammer out a few kinks and nail the delivery. I just don’t want to screw it up.

Did you hear the one about the construction worker was discharged after being accused of murder?
There just wasn’t any concrete evidence.

Do you know what music builders love to listen to?
The Carpenters


30 Seconds that take 12 hours.

As part of our competition to win the Small Business BC Awards I had to make a 30 second video for the judges.  30 seconds is no problem until you’re standing in front of the camera with a script that takes 3 minutes to read.   This little chore ended up taking me about 12 hours!!  As some of the team witnessed me standing against a wall practicing a blurb, and trying to concentrate, they were looking on with the concern of a mental health practitioner and planning their exit strategy!  Finally,  minutes before the deadline,  I was able to pull it together for “take 15”.    With my secretary  in hysterics  and me in panic mode we uploaded  the video, and somehow made it to the “Top 5”.