Our Team Members


Eric Bell – General Manager

I was first introduced to construction as  a kid  doing sheet metal and eavestrough back in Manitoba.  I was  about 7 or 8 the first time I was hanging eavestrough with Biff Cooper on a new house.  I was given a screw gun and told to stay back from the edge of the roof while screwing the clips into the fascia board.   It may not have been safe but I fell in love with the construction industry that day.   My career in construction started in Upsala,  Ont. where I was fortunate enough to be able to renovate the 2 main restaurants in town.  I moved to BC in 2003 for a summer job only……   I have studied and continue to study construction business, technology and green building methods.   I am currently the luckiest employer around to have this team.    These guys make my job easy!


Mat Caron – Site Supervisor

Construction has been part of my life since the tender age of 6.  As a strong team leader I fully appreciate the culture promoted at NLC.  The diverse projects and variety of jobs has challenged me to expand my skill sets and I fully enjoy the new challenges. I am not only a Red Seal carpenter, but I also have a background in mathematics, aircraft maintenance and crane fabrication that has stood me in good stead to tackle any new challenges. It brings me great satisfaction organizing a project in its entirety until completion.


 Dani Maldonado – Site Supervisor

Having received my Community Builders Certificate in 1995 from Covenant Life College here in British Columbia, I then went on to build custom log homes in Alaska and to do home renovations in New England. After returning to BC, I joined the Northern Legendary team and was encouraged to enter a supervisory role and with that came my Red Seal Certification. I have found my greatest strength to be in dealing with clients and ensuring their satisfaction.


Shawn Leslie – Site Supervisor

I started in construction in 2005 and have done 7 years in residential carpentry and project management as well as 6 years of commercial renovation in carpentry and site supervisor roles.   I received my Red Seal carpentry ticket in May 2013. I specialize in taking projects from start to finish as quickly and efficiently as possible while not compromising quality. 



Ethan Coy – Site Supervisor

As a Red Seal welder and a Red Seal carpenter I enjoy a good construction project. Building things from scratch with either wood or steel has always held my attention.   Having a class one driver’s license and operating heavy equipment helps to change it up a bit. Knowing my way around a mechanics tool box comes in handy too. I take pride in seeing a project through to completion.


Manuel Akulenko

In 2014 I decided to make a switch from grader operator in the oil patch to carpentry. That’s when I started working for Northern Legendary and I really enjoy it.   When you have great management and co-workers there’s not much else you can ask for.   I like doing equipment work like skid steer or excavator, but I also really enjoy framing and pretty much anything in the carpentry field.



Kaleb Schmidt

Kaleb is a qualified Red Seal carpenter working in the industry since 2014.  As a Dawson Creek resident, Kaleb is well positioned to tackle construction projects for Northern Legendary Construction in that location.




Randy Ballantyne

I am 43 years old with 20+ years in drywall and painting in commercial and residential buildings. I have worked all across Canada and have spent the last few years working with NLC. If you need a job done I can finish it on time.


Jongog Lee

I am in Canada from Korea. In Korea I had many experiences including 5 years as a ship deck officer, with a captain’s license and being a pro-golfer. I have 17 years experience in carpentry, 3 of which have been here at Northern Legendary Construction. I am thankful for the opportunity to be in Canada working with this company.



 Yeongpong (John) Seo

I was a pastor when I lived in Korea. When I moved to Canada, I started this job and have been working as a carpenter for 5 years now. This job was very new to me at first but with all my coworkers help, I have improved vastly and have learned many new skills. We all work as a great team to do our best.


Keanan Ehl

I started carpentry in 2015 and I love it. I’m currently working on my schooling in construction through the Northern Lights College. I hope to learn construction to the max and all the benefits it has to offer, as we build a better community. My goal is striving for excellence in the construction trade.


Julie Vanderhorst

Having 18 years experience as an elementary teacher and 9 years as a bookkeeper for a small gift store, becoming an office manager of a construction company has been a real learning curve. I have worked at NLC for the last 3 years doing everything from bookkeeping to safety to organizing social events and making sure that the behind the scenes stuff is all taken care of. Basically, if it requires paper in any form, I am the go to person. The team of guys I have to work with has made it an enjoyable experience that I hope will continue for years to come.